Remote Air Sampling

The fast, safe odour and partical screening system with canine reliability and Chilport experience.

In line with our policy to introduce or improve upon new and innovative methods in canine detection, Chilport (UK) Limited International Specialist Canine Services has progressed the system known as VODS™, an approved variant of the RASCO™ System.

This enhanced technique entails the screening of drawn scent samples from sealed or enclosed environments such as sea containers, vehicles, packing cases etc. Used on its own, or in conjunction with conventional search dogs or electronic measuring back up, gives the user agencies greater advantages in detection previously not known in canine olfactory deployment.

By use of a mobile pump, air is drawn through a vacuum line, over a special filter which is designed to absorb maximum scent for preselected specific substances. The most obvious targets are explosives, drugs or tobacco. However, this is not the definitive list.

The system is ideal for use at sea and airports, vehicle checkpoints, container parks, VIP conferences, hotels and cargo storage sheds. The potential is endless. All testing is carried out in a controlled, safe, stress free environment. It is self calibrating and therefore extremely reliable.

Fixed screening posts can be established for large busy areas, whilst a mobile system can be equally effective. Should there be no urgency to screen the filters, they can be stored for up to six months for screening later. The latter is especially useful where Police, Intelligence or confidential investigation are required.

remote air sampling
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