Current Assignments

fire investigation and urban disaster rescue dog serviceA fire investigation and urban disaster rescue dog service has been established along with linked handler training to a Far East fire and rescue service.

detection dogsA Western Mediterranean customs collection has deployed two of the first dual purpose detection dogs, capable of passenger non-intrusive screening and general rummage interdiction of narcotics entering their borders.

explosive, fire arms and ammunition search dogsAn Eastern Mediterranean multi-national hotel complex has recruited explosive, fire arms and ammunition search dogs to screen its venues, properties and persons entering its real estate.

trained guard and protection dogsMulti-national petrochemical industries in West Africa regularly deploy especially trained guard and protection dogs to its installations, refineries and pipelines to offset ethnic disruption to their production fields.

remote air samplingResearch and development trials continue into the the remote air sampling technology to screen receptacles and freight containers in conjunction with the UK's olfactory scientific branch specialists. This system, once established, is ideally placed for area reduction to support humanitarian de mining programmes, border patrol interdiction, seaports, airports and freight forward controls globally.

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