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Consultancy and Training courses

Consultancy Services

Risk Assesment- Security and threat assessments. Risk assessments.
- Customs and border control. Vehicle checkpoint (VCP) operation.
- External and Internal security based on British Home Office standards.
- Port area security based on IMO ISPS codes

As a result of the assessment, the appropriate security measures will be recommended, which include staff trained in various levels of search, maritime search and safety procedures.

Local Authority Enforcement Actions

Within the UK, Chilport (UK), acting on behalf of the planning departments of Local Authorities, regularly undertakes the complete Risk Assessment followed by the complete Risk Management in Planning Enforcement matters. Ideally Chilport (UK) is involved from the outset, by drawing on its comprehensive past experience. Chilport (UK) can advise you in the most expedient, cost effective, and socially acceptable means of achieving the aims of the operation.


Dog HandlingAs a matter of policy, Chilport (UK) has structured a wide range of training programmes to meet the demands of the client. Examples of the training programmes are listed below. However, by drawing on its wide range of specialist personnel, Chilport (UK) has the ability to structure security training courses to meet virtually any requirement made by the client.

For overseas trainees, Chilport (UK), often recommend 'linked' courses, with the main training being carried out at the company's headquarters and the course being completed in the clients own country.

Training Courses

Courses include:

- Dog Handler (security / explosives / drug detection)
- Close Protection (4 weeks)
- Evasive & Defensive driving (1 week)
- Explosives Awareness Training (3 weeks)
- Bomb Management (1week)
- Executive Bomb Management (1 week)
- Search Advisor
- Advanced Canine Instructors Course (12 weeks)

Special Operations

When the security of lives and property are at risk, there can be no half measures.
Chilport (UK) is able to provide specialist operatives covering a wide range of disciplines realted to the military sphere. Alternatively, Chilport (UK) can train a client's own specialist security personnel, both at home and overseas.

Larry Walker is the Director of Special Operations and he would be only too pleased to give any further information that you may require.