Search & Rescue Dogs

Training the Search and Rescue (SAR) Dog Properly, Lives are at Stake

search & rescue dog trainingThis form of dog work is simple in conception, but the training and application is both demanding and highly emotive. Search and Rescue sub-divides into two categories:

  • Mountain Rescue
  • Disaster¬†

Chilport (UK) Limited, have experience in both disciplines. Our dog training priority is to find the living. To achieve this, we ensure correct breed selection, simulated operation training areas and the application of the most stimulating reward system. Experience also tells us attention to detail is of the utmost importance when designing a Training Course. Every aspect of the operational role is taken into account, from boots for the dogs to the use of micro cameras and global positioning systems.

We can provide Training for dogs and Handlers as well as fully trained dogs for qualified handlers.

Get it Right, Save a Life

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