Patrol Protection Dogs

Visual Deterrent Dog

As the name implies, the visual deterrent dog should be seen to be present on duty and impart a psychological threat. Biting is not a prerequisite but the courage to stand its ground and show aggression if threatened is essential.

Protection dog training

Guard and/or Security Dog

The Guard/Security dog generally protects the more sensitive areas and should be capable of detaining an intruder. The dog should be able to detect the insurgence of would-be intruders by sight, scent or sound and be able to locate hidden or injured suspects, items or artefacts. The dog should demonstrate controlled aggression and like the visual deterrent dog, is mainly used in a protective role.

Police Dogs

The Police dog is the complete security protection dog. It should be capable of affecting an arrest by biting or aggressive stand-off, guard a prisoner or suspect, track, carry out a search for lost evidence or property, negotiate an obstacle course and demonstrate a good standard of control.

Chilport UK Ltd is at present servicing On-going contracts within the West African petrochemical industry in their fight against hostile community action. The dogs provide protection against terrorism, riots, armed insurgence attacks and for personnel and assets.

Obtaining quality dogs for such a difficult role has become harder as standards and the demand for dogs increase. The prospective client is well advised to obtain trained or untrained dogs from a company that has a proven successful procedure system in operation. Chilport UK Ltd is such a company, and would be pleased to discuss your needs regarding any security dog with you.

In the UK , the German Shepherd dog is the acknowledged first choice for the protection role. Possessing the qualities of adaptability, reliability, responsiveness to training and psychological impact. Other breeds of dog should not be precluded, with each dog being judged on merit.

Protection dog training
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