Firearms & Explosive Detector Dogs

firearms and explosive detector dogsDespite new and ever more sophisticated technology, nothing is more mobile, versatile, reliable or discriminating than the firearms and explosive detector dog.

These firearms and explosive detector dogs are an essential element in the fight against urban terrorism and organised crime. Provided clients are aware of a dog teams capabilities and limitations, they are a cost effective and efficient asset, regardless of task.

In the civil sector, sanitisation of routes on VIP visits is the predominant role but every facet of anti-terrorist dog work is within their repertoire. Needless to say, control is a major requirement of dogs in such high pressure work.

The bulk of search dogs are drawn from the gun dog breeds, English Springer Spaniels, Labradors (mainly black), and German Pointers are the most popular.

Other gun dogs, Collies and German Shepherds dogs with strong retreival instincts can also be successful, although the latter is limited because of its guard dog image.

Search dogs require expert handling, and handlers with a military or police background are favoured. Chilport Handler Training meets that criteria.

Everywhere is a search area, from railway lines to a conference hotel, and the search dog team must be 'Jack of all trades' and master of every one. From the prospective clients' point of view all search dogs should exhibit concentration, drive, determination, control and a clear positive indication.

Agility is also a key factor except in the case of some passive response dogs where all work is carried out on lead in public places.

firearms and explosive detector dogs
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