Canine Services

Chilport (UK)'s canine services division is amongst the best in the world. It excels in training dogs and handlers to meet the ever increasing demands in the war against terrorism, with it's arsenal of explosives and weapons. Together with the increasing fight against narcotics and illegal immigrants.

The canine services division is headed by a former RAF Police specialist who was formerly responsible for training of explosive and drug dog teams for the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, HM Customs, Hong Kong Customs and the United States Air Force in Europe.

The canine services division is situated at the headquarters of Chilport (UK) at Portland, Dorset where there is a transit kennel compound and canine husbandry centre. Most UK-based dog training takes place at Portland. Clients are welcome to visit our facility by prior appointment only.

Chilport (UK) uses an updated version of the 'Systems Approach to Training' which was so successfully pioneered by the Royal Air Force and which has now been implemented by both government and industry.

Chilport (UK) provides teams of trained dogs and handlers to undertake specific disciplines. In addition, Chilport (UK) will also supply trained dogs and train your handlers. Chilport (UK) also offers a comprehensive linked handler training package which includes training conducted at the clients location.

Chilport (UK) encourages use of both its post-graduation continuation programme and regular inspections by Chilport (UK) officers to ensure the standards of both the dogs and handlers are being maintained.

Chilport (UK) selects all its dogs from quality stock. These dogs are evaluated to ensure they display the qualities necessary for their proposed tasks.

Canine Training Courses

  • Visual Deterrent Dog:

    High Profile, Vocal Non-Biting Dog

  • Guard Dog:

    Site Protection, Chase and Bite, Windscent and Control Trained

  • Police Dog:

    Conforms to National Police Dog Standards

  • Tracker Dog:

    Can be Dedicated or Linked to Other Disciplines

  • Anti-Terrorist Dog:

    Search and Find Insurgents, Attack in the Face of Gunfire

  • Riot Control Dog:

    Works as part of Riot Conrtol Teams, Face Hostile Crowds, Bite and Snatch Ringleaders

  • Explosives Detection Dog:

    Detect and Indicate Commercial and Military Explosives

  • Explosives, Firearms Detection Dog:

    As per Explosive Detection Dogs, Plus Weapons and Associated Paraphernalia

  • Drug Detection Dog Proactive:

    Detect and Indicate Illegal Drugs

  • Drug Detection Dog Passive:

    Detect and Indicate by Passive Means the Presence of Drugs on the Person

  • Cadaver Detection Dog:

    Locate and Indicate Dead Bodies

  • Arson Detection Dog:

    Detect the Seat of the Fire and Related Combustibles and Hydrocarbons

  • Anti-Hijack Dog:

    Check Aircraft, Passengers and Hand Baggage for Firearms and Explosives. Note: This Discipline has yet to be Implemented.

  • Illegal Immigrant Detection Dog:

    Locate and Indicate Concealed Illegal Immigrants

  • Mine Detection Dog:

    Locate and Indicate Mines - area reduction.

  • Vapour Extraction Dog:

    Identify the Presence of a Given Substance from Vapour Extracted Samples

Note! All the above dogs can be supplied with or without a Linked Handler Package. Handler Training is available on 'Systems approach Training' Courses for all the above disciplines. Course length is subject to student experience.

Non Dog Handling Courses

  • Canine Husbandry:

    All Aspects of Canine Care and Welfare

  • Kennel Manager:

    All Aspects of Running a Dog Section

  • Canine Aftercare Advisor:

    Consultancy, Continuation Training Advisor, Assessment, Testing and Project Planning

Chilport (UK) train dogs in the following categories:

anti-terrorist dogs

general purpose

police dogs

security guard dogs

tracking dogs

area clearance dogs

visual deterrent

anti-ambush dogs

deadly force dogs

passive response

pro-active search

explosive detection dogs

narcotic detection dogs

accelerant detection

cadaver dogs

search & rescue dogs (SAR)

dogs for mine audits

remote air sampling

immigration control

border patrol

riot control dogs

Handler Training can be linked to all the above disciplines.

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